Is Iman Shumpert tougher than Derrick Rose ?


Iman Shumpert has suffered another injury(Knee) and still has played more games than 2012 N.B.A MVP Derrick Rose. Rose was injured April 28,2012 the same day as Shumpert, who tore his left ACL and lateral meniscus  in last years playoffs against the Miami Heat. Rose also tore his left ACL also against the 76ers, but one thing is Shumpert a.k.a 21 Shump St made his come back this season on January 17th.

While he has not improved because of his numbers dropping, the key to everything is he’s playing. Rose has been said to be healthy but not mentally ready, but no one really knows what Derrick Rose is thinking, since rose absence he has allowed a new star in Chicago. Nate Robinson might not be a Bull next year because of his stellar play this year , he should see a nice check next year from a team. Rose comeback and Dwight Howard free agency move are the biggest concern next year in the N.B.A. If Derrick does not play a game before Rajon Rondo then that speaks a lot about Rose’s heart.



2 thoughts on “Is Iman Shumpert tougher than Derrick Rose ?

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